• Bold Agratas logo conveys a sense of leadership and technological expertise
  • Modified ‘A’ pays homage to Tata group brand, signifying a strong lineage and shared values
  • Sophisticated colour palette symbolises a sustainable-first approach and ambition to supercharge the transition to net zero
  • Crowdsourced company purpose and culture revealed, “created for our people, by our people”

Bengaluru, India, 8 January 2024, Agratas unveils new corporate identity and company purpose, representing the company’s commitment to pioneering power for future generations. The look and feel have been carefully curated to reflect the company’s aspirations for delivering technological breakthroughs and its dedication to leadership in sustainability.

Tom Flack, CEO, Agratas, said: “The launch of our corporate identity is another significant milestone for Agratas. We are on a mission to build a company recognised for high ambition and intelligent delivery, setting an industry leading benchmark in sustainability, and pioneering new technologies to support the global transition to net zero. We are looking for curious minds searching for their next challenge to come and join us as we move towards an electrified future for mobility and clean energy.”

A bold logo, characterised by sharp geometry and well-defined letterforms, conveys a sense of technological sophistication. The modified ‘A’, with its crossbar removed, pays homage to the Tata group, signifying a strong lineage and shared values. This visual representation serves to highlight a seamless connection between Tata and Agratas.

The chosen colour palette embraces a powerful Black and White system, accentuated by a vibrant shade of Teal. The Agratas Teal colour is a perfect combination of blue and green, colours that best symbolise nature and ecology, and signal the adoption of a sustainable-first approach for the business. The choice of colour further reflects the company’s dedication to embedding innovative environmental solutions as part of its ambition to be at the forefront of the global battery industry.

In addition to the captivating visual elements, Agratas have adopted Montserrat as its brand font. Montserrat conveys authority and precision, perfectly complementing the geometric construction of the Agratas logo lettering. This choice ensures visual coherency across all company communications.

Agratas’ crowdsourced company culture, “The Agratas Way, created for our people, by our people” has also been published on the company’s new corporate website. On a mission to “accelerate net zero by delivering best in-class battery technologies for our customers”, Agratas is empowering its people to:

  • Be curious, be challenged, be you
  • Deliver together, with urgency
  • Care for everybody, today and tomorrow
  • Own it

About Agratas

Agratas is a global battery business within the Tata Group. We design, develop and manufacture high-quality, high-performance, sustainable battery solutions for multiple applications to match our customers’ requirements.

Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Agra’, the world’s oldest language, our name stands for leadership and moving forward. Combined with ‘Gravitas’, it reflects our ambition to be purpose driven, pioneering power for future generations.

We have entered our industrialisation phase, building world-class gigafactories in India and the UK, and unlocking green growth opportunities for global customers in the mobility and energy sectors.

Our sustainability-first approach is accelerating the global transition to net zero. Our facilities are designed to be powered by clean sources of electricity, including purpose-built renewable energy plants, to support our goal of 100% clean power across all our operations.

Using a circular design mindset, we adopt resource efficient processes, to reuse, recycle and recover materials back into production, delivering a sophisticated circular economy ecosystem.

We are committed to developing the next generation of battery technologies. Our R&D Innovation Hubs in India and the UK are empowered to accelerate technological breakthroughs across our entire value chain, working in partnership with leading universities and research institutions to deliver cleaner, greener, more sustainable batteries for our customers.

Together, we will pioneer the innovative battery solutions of the future.

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