About Us

Agratas is a global battery business within the Tata Group.

We will design, develop and manufacture high-quality, high-performance, sustainable battery solutions for multiple applications to match our customers’ requirements.

Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Agra’, the world’s oldest language, our name stands for leadership and moving forward. Combined with ‘Gravitas’, it reflects our ambition to be purpose driven, pioneering power for future generations.

World-Class Gigafactories

In collaboration with our anchor customers and technical partners, we have designed and developed a range of competitive battery cells.

We have entered our industrialisation phase, building world-class gigafactories in India and the UK, and unlocking green growth opportunities for global customers in the mobility and energy sectors

Our sustainability-first approach will accelerate the global transition to net zero. Our facilities are designed to be powered by clean sources of electricity, including purpose-built renewable energy plants, to support our goal of 100% clean power across all of our operations.

Using a circular design mindset, we will adopt resource efficient processes, to reuse, recycle and recover materials back into production, delivering a sophisticated circular economy ecosystem.

Leading Innovation

Our battery technology roadmap is based on a foundation of world-class solutions for multiple applications.

Collaborating with our technical partners, we are industrialising best-in-class high energy density NMC and long-lasting LFP battery cells using a prismatic form factor.

We are also committed to developing the next generation of battery technologies.

Leveraging our partnerships with leading universities and research institutions, we work on key areas of technology evolution, including sustainability, materials, chemistries and manufacturing processes.

Our R&D Innovation Hubs in India and the UK are empowered to accelerate technological breakthroughs across our entire value chain to deliver cleaner, greener, more sustainable batteries for our customers.

Together, we will pioneer innovative battery solutions of the future.

Global Customers

We will serve customers in the mobility and energy storage sectors, supplying best-in-class battery cells that meet the highest standards of quality, performance and sustainability.

We will also support our customers with the integration of battery cells into their applications, including modules and packs.

Our model of co-design and collaboration with our global customers allows us to unlock technology and commercial optimisation through the value chain and into end use applications.

We have secured anchor customers, Tata Motors and JLR, delivering demand at scale to establish our global battery business and technical expertise as we expand into other segments and sectors.